XMPLAR Consulting Group  offers training sessions in various aspects of business and marketing in Mumbai and suburbs. If you’d like to get better at growing your business check these sessions out.

Sample Sessions:

Business Growth Sessions:

  1. How to decide on a winning  product for your market
  2. How to create a trust-worthy brand around your product
  3. How to create a super effective sales-letter to bring in the sales.
  4. How to create a legion of loyal followers who buy everything you sell.
  5. How to create an super converting email campaign for your products.
  6. How to create an email list with a list generation campaign.


Digital Marketing

  1. How to get started with Facebook for your business.
  2. How to use twitter effectively for seasonal promotions.
  3. Get your own website going in less than 24 hours.
  4. Setting up micro sites for different products and services.
  5. Copywriting – Creating good copy in-house.
  6. Social Media – Where to invest your limited time for maximum ROI.

Email us  for a calendar of sessions in your area.

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