Step by Step Digital Marketing – the Easy Way

We are embarking on an exciting journey this week. Starting this week, we will publish articles for the newbie entrepreneur that will help you get started with your marketing. This article will take you on a step by step digital marketing journey from newbie to expert profit maker.

So whether you are selling umbrellas on or chimichangas from your mom’s basement on your website or you are selling a digital product or some other service, this set of articles will be just what the doctor ordered.

Digital Marketing For Newbies

Why Digital Marketing is a must for Newbies.

Now here are some of the things we will talk about.

  • Identify your marketing goals.
  • Identify your market
  • Identify your channels
  • Understand how search engines work.
  • Create a content marketing strategy
  • Create your first blog.
  • Creating your first article.
  • Search Engine Optimize your article/blog.
  • Doing keyword research for your business.
  • Understand and use Google Analytics.
  • Off-page optimization for your blog.
  • Next Steps In Marketing.

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Author Bio:
Deep Janardhanan is the founder and CEO at International School of Success – a startup training and advisory firm set up in Mumbai, India. He has vast experience of creating and managing startup companies as well as projects for multi-nationals. His one day classes for entrepreneurs are a hit with startup founders who want to get going in a hurry – while minimizing risk of loss and failure.

Want to start doing SEO for your website? Go to Deep’s website at and download the Search Engine Optimization e-book for Free!

This article is the precursor for many Starting Digital Marketing articles to follow. Watch this space.

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