Setting up Your Ecommerce Business From Scratch


This session was conducted on May 31 2015.  The slides here were used for the live session.

We talked about action points for taking your Idea to an active ecommerce business.

Points discussed : Idea Validation(offline & online), Product Creation, ECommerce Website setup, Payment Gateways, Launch, Marketing Your Site.

We would like to thank our friendly entrepreneurs from ( Sujeet Madhogaria and Jay Shah) for their time and open-hearted sharing of their experiences.

Also the wonderful folks from (Sohil Chheda and Kenil Jain) for educating us about the possibilities in developing Ecommerce Portal/Website and the possible expenses incurred via various options.


Also, Nidhi Saraf from Indian Angel Network was on hand to answer questions about how to find investment…


We dealt at length on how to validate your idea against the market, your niche, the clients, as well as how to prove that it is a workable proposition.

Then we had the expert discuss about how to create your business plan for receiving Angel Investment.

What_should_a_business_plan_cover by Indian Angel Network.

Marketing MasterPlan by Greater Profits Media

Secrets of Successful Product Pages by Greater Profits Media

Habits of Highly Successful Home Pages

Notes to Attendees: 

At this time, online chatter points to Payment Gateway  PayU being at the forefront of technology and Customer Service.

Payment Gateway CitrusPay is also located in Mumbai.

The powerpoint presentation on Marketing MasterPlan has some pointers on dealing with Payment Gateways…

For finding freelancers, these few sites may be helpful:,,

For list building for startups, I use They have a free version until you cross 2000 names on your list.

Thank you,

Deep J

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