Proudly serving customers for over 18 years

We’ve been serving our customers for over 18 years now – with their marketing,  software development, new client acquisition  and retention, product development and other business process development.

 Laxmi Palace Indian Groceries

Laxmi – the Premier Destination for everything Indian in Richmond, Virginia. Serving Richmond, Glen Allen, Petersburg, Charlottesville and Virginia Beach.

Laxmi Palce - Eat Healthy Live Better
When they first approached us, Laxmi Palace had no experience in any kind of online business. They didn’t even have a simple website. We built an amazing  website that users continue to love, we created a database of products in-store and  we loaded  data for over 5000 products with photographs. This was more than anything a small retailer could manage on his own. Eventually, with the help of our link building and web presence program, has become an extremely profitable second channel for our clients.

 TechSoft Computer Systems Ltd

Techsoft provides computer software and applications support and development to domestic and multi-national companies in the Financial Domain. TechSoft had the business acumen and the clients. What they did not have was the manpower to execute the projects they could win. Without execution there was no revenue, right?Greater Profits saved the day by bringing in experts in various fields and helping TechSoft create products that were very well accepted and quickly integrated with the client’s own in-house products. This ended up being a win-win-win for TechSoft, their banking clients  as well as for us at Greater Profits. We love to make our clients happy – this makes us happy and makes us all money! 🙂

 Dominion Resources

Dominion Power/ Dominion Resources is the second largest power generation and distribution company in the USA. Dominion is also a nuclear power generator based in Richmond,Va.

Dominon Power Logo
Dominion needed a reliable document management infrastructure for its nuclear engineers who were creating documents of all sorts at a prodigal rate. Our engineers went in and created the DocIndex system that not only uploads, indexes and manages files and documents for the engineers but also makes sure that there are no issues with the usability of the system. Currently thousands of users are using the system daily for their day-to-day work.
 Ukrops – a force to reckon with in the Virginia area. This family owned retailer grew from a single store to millions of dollars in profit in a small span of 3 generations.
Ukrops a Client of Greater Profits Media
Land America /Fidelity – a title insurance company based in Richmond,Va and Florida, USA. Deals with title and mortgage insurances. Provides title insurance to people after checking land titles and other documentary evidence.
Landamerica Financial
Ananta Finserv : An excellent financial services firm operating in Mumbai – and offering Tax Preparation, Accounts Tax Management and Audit Services to other small and medium businesses.
Ananta Finserv - client of Greater Profits Media
Verizon Inc is one of the top communication providers in the United States Of America. Verizon has interests in both fixed line as well as cellular communications. It also runs its own cable TV network for individual subscribers as well as corporate houses.
Verizon Logo
 CoreECS Systems, formerly ECS works in the Educational field providing top class solutions for  the public domain as well as private organizations.  We worked with ECS to create the foundations of the system called PANDA for the Office of the Governor, State of Georgia.
 CoreECS - Client of Greater Profits Media
 Heidelberg Printing Systems – Headquartered in Germany, this company sells printing solutions all over the world. It has its offices in almost every country and every region.  Heidelberg is a pioneer in many kinds of innovations in the printing industry.
 Heidelberg - A client of Greater Profits Media
RiskEdge Solutions – A commodity risk management solutions company has the first software application of its kind that provides automatic Risk Management for Commodities. The products are quite robust given the use of Microsoft .NET as well as internationally acclaimed algorithms for arriving at the VaR numbers.
RiskEdge - A client of Greater Profits Media
 DGS, Virginia - A client of Greater Profits
 Virginia DJJ - A client of Greater Profits
 Non Profit Client of Greater Profits
 UNOS - A client of Greater Profits

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