Are you an entrepreneur struggling to grow your business?

Are you facing an uphill battle bringing in clients?

Are you running out of time, just doing the daily chores in your business?


  • And, after all this, you are getting measly returns?
  • Maybe just enough to keep you going ?
  • May be you have been working longer hours…
  • Sacrificing family time and vacations…
  • Putting all those dreams on hold!

Sometimes you’ve even wondered if starting a business was a good idea after all!!!

Read on to Discover…

How You Too Can Achieve
An Astonishing 1477% ROI and More
In As Little As 6 Months…
Without Investing A Ton Of Money
Or Hiring An Army of People

…Just by tweaking a few little things about how you do business!

This super secret has been utilized by many millionaire entrepreneurs all around the world to build their businesses from the ground up.

It has been available to many but acted upon by very few.

Those who ignored it have paid a heavy price for doing so…

The secret is to ‘Never Do It Alone’.

In one word, OUTSOURCE!

You must get external help for anything that you don’t have the time for – or the expertise in house.

And that’s where we come in!

We at Greater Profits Media have consulting experience of over 18 years in the Information Technology and Marketing Fields.

We have helped numerous customers
in multiple industries bring in more money and greater profits by improving their marketing, sales and customer service components.

Let’s say you bring us in to help create Marketing Strategies and Campaigns that will grow your business.

As part of our Customer Acquisition program; we start with collecting Market Intelligence, whether you want new customers from an already existing market, or from an altogether untapped new market.

As part of Market Validation, we shall create a customer persona. We identify who your target market is. Within this market we identify your customers!

We identify your target customer’s hangouts on the web or offline, get to know her likes and dislikes, what she does, what she eats, what she reads, what she thinks of !

We study her biggest pain points, who she turns to for support, how she perceives her solutions to look like… and then we map how your product solves her problems.

We listen to your customer, see her in action, watch her encounter her problems and understand how she perceives her problem. We talk to her extensively about why she likes your solution as opposed to the others in the market.

We touch upon every aspect of how she uses your product – and especially how her life has changed since she started using your product.

We validate that there is a real problem that your product/service provides a solution for, that there is a tangible benefit from using your product and that the customer will be willing – and able – to pay for your product!

At this point we start Keyword Research – identifying how she searches for her solutions online. We make a list of keywords and long-tail keyword phrases to
exactly match the words she uses to find a solution to her problem.

At some point we may help you with some Rebranding by attempting to improve/change/re-design your logo/tagline etc to bring it in line with your target market.

We also work with you to make sure that your entire Brand Presence is very contiguous; and there are no jarring experiences in wait for your customers; right from lead generation to upsell.

We work with you on Product Design, Employee Behaviour as well as Product Shipping, Packaging and Posting and other aspects keeping supreme customer experience in mind.

If necessary, we do a Web Redesign where we create/change your web site in order to make it more customer-friendly. We improve the design/the look and feel and introduce new sections/pages so as to make it easier for your customer to find answers.

We often get rid of any unnecessary stuff that is merely a distraction.

We take care to ensure that your existing investment in any print material such as banners, posters, cards etc are safeguarded – and that there is contiguity between print and digital.

If required, we also create new offline hard copy content as well as sales aids for your sales force.

Now we work with you on your Content Marketing; to create such content (audio,video,text) as required to establish you as an authority in your niche.

We start by setting up a blog, help you write the content, set up automated distribution – even find you writers and support staff to keep your blog going without your explicit involvement.

We use the previously created lists from keyword Planning to accomplish on page and off-page Search Engine Optimization. We make sure that your content is very suitable for your customers and that they find exactly what they expect.
We make sure that there are no red-flags for your customers or for Search Engines.

Now its time for some Social Media Marketing; We promote your web content and marketing properties adequately all over the web through myriad channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other .

Then we decide how and where to target your customer optimally, such that she sees your ad online and clicks it to come to your website. We pay proper attention to this in order to avoid wastage of ad dollars.

Then its time for Conversion Oriented CopyWriting – we create a conversion oriented landing page / sales letter for quickly converting her into a paying customer.

Of course, we test every thing we do. That’s how we increase your Return On Investment(ROI) on every Rupee you spend on your business. We use Google Analytics along with many other testing tools for proper and validated reporting.

We work towards establishing a Trust Relationship between you and your customer – even before the customer knows your name – such that there is a long term relationship created. And the buyer keeps coming back for more.

We work with you to Streamline and Automate parts of your business process that can be automated. This will help replace workers with technology.
This removes any possibility of human error and inconsistent service – that disappoints customers.

We create word-of-mouth campaigns that will not only enable but also encourage your customers to talk to her friends, colleagues, relatives – even strangers about your products and services.

This is just the basic steps of what we undertake to help you grow your business.

Digital marketing is only a small part of what we do.

Our holistic approach to marketing and our innate understanding of customer psychology – and our experience in the field
gives us unlimited capacity to help you grow your business by leaps and bounds.

Its common to see results of 10 – 40 % growth even with small incremental changes of 2-5% magnitude. And only experience, creativity and super targeted change can achieve that kind of ROI for any business.


And guess what?

As a result of all the above, you now have a much bigger business – improving your topline as well as bottomline multiple times. This translates into greater profits and untold peace of mind for you.

Finally, you can lay back and relax !

– Go on that vacation…

– or spend quality time with family…

Everything you really wanted to do when you started your business!


Let’s Talk

Call me now, and I’ll arrange for you a Consulting Session – Completely Free. No obligations!

During this free consultation, we will sit together and study where you are, where you want to go and what’s the best way to get there!

We will see what you have done absolutely right, and what could be done better…

We will also discuss some tactics that you might want to implement to super-speed your business growth.

This is my direct telephone number :+91. 976.940.0671.

Usually, we start with a small project so we can get to know each other, our work methods, expectations etc. You can see how we work – and how we create value for you.

Some of our business relations that started in 2005, are still our clients – and extremely happy to be working with us. Join them and you’ll never have to look back.

Deep Janardhanan,

Founder & Principal Consultant.

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