The Johnson’s box. What is it and Where is it used?

A Johnson’s box is tool familiar to copywriters.  We use this to  effectively create initial curiosity in the letter and pull the customer in to reading the rest of the letter. 

  As opposed to other letter formats which start with an address, a Johnson’s box is a big bold box at the top of the letter set against a  dark background.

It may have different font, border colors, background colors as well as font sizes. Everything about the Johnson’s box is designed to make it stand out against the letter. It is nearly 100% sure that the reader will read the text in the box in its entirety.

When I use a Johnson’s box, I use to get an affirmation from the user and to get him agreeing with me. I also tell him to “Not Fear, since I have the solution for his problems.”

Use it wisely and the Johnson’s box can be your box of treasures!

Towards Greater Profits Daily,


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