How to Buy Domains From A Third Party Domain Owner

One of the first things that we do when we consider a new business is to book a domain.

Unfortunately, after billions of domains have been purchased over the years, its not very easy for anyone to get a domain name that easily fits in to your requirements. Most common names have already been registered and have been used.

So what should you do if the domain name of your preference has already been booked. This article by Morgan Linton gives you a good idea of how to acquire such domains.

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In short,

1) identify the domain owner.

2) Find out if it is for sale.

3) Determine a price

4)Reach out to the domain owner.

Be prepared to be asked completely ridiculous (according to you) prices. This article goes into great detail how to tackle various issues that come up when you try to buy a domain.


Hope this helps.

Towards Greater Profits Every Day,

Deep Janardhanan

Director, International School Of Success 

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