Content Creation

Content Creation

Greater Profit’s  Content Marketing Service creates strong, original, relevant and (if necessary), hard hitting articles for your blog or website. We work directly with the writers who work in your particular industry so your articles are genuine and useful for your users/readers.

Content Curation Services

Curation: Greater-Profits uses both in-house editors as well as external writers to create content – as well acquire it for use via curation. What matters is the validity and relevance of the content that we put out for you. There is a ton of material available that we can use for your benefit at the least cost.

Content Design Services

Design: We design, build and host custom web experiences for your customer. We use gifted creative artists to make your web site look just so! After all, your site, blog etc are creating a first impression of you. And we make sure that it’s just the right kind of impression!

Analytics: We strongly believe in testing every aspect of our marketing. Content marketing is not different either. We test the visitors, the performance of each part of each page, the CTAs, the benefits, the headlines, the features, the buttons, the social sharing…

Content Integration Services
Integration: We at Greater Profits Media excel at Integration. Our team works with the knowledge that every channel that you have a brand presence on, must provide a contiguous branding experience! We ensure that your existing investment in other channels is not lost while
moving into newer channels.
Syndication:  We not only create and acquire great content we also distribute it to your social media channels for maximum coverage and Return On Investment. 

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