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12 Tips on Using QR codes In Your Marketing

QR codes are meant to avoid the need for typing in your web address into a smart phone (which usually carry a very small keyboard). Over the past few years, we have seen marketers adopt QR codes in a big way. Here are some ideas to keep in mind when using QR codes in your business.

This is a QR code pointing to the Noble RiverMarketing Services page.

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  1. Use QR codes with smartphone users in mind.
  2. Display them where people walk by, or where they sit for a while, but dont have access to a computer.
  3. Lead them to landing pages, not your regular web site home page. Smartphone users dont want to go hunting for a special link on your website.
  4. Explain the advantage to the user in scanning your QR code right now. Are you offering them 15% off ?
  5. Do not replace web address with QR codes. Web addresses are for users sitting at a computer screen. They may not have a smartphone. They cannot use a smartphone to browse to your landing page if they are at a computer.
  6. Use web addresses in email. QR codes are useless.
  7. Keep it black or two toned. Multi color QR codes may throw some scanners off.
  8. Please provide instructions on how to use QR codes. For example, instruct your users to “Scan this code using your Google App”.
  9. You can also provide links to your favorite QR code readers.
  10. You can offer a link to a page that explains”What is a QR code?”
  11. Be creative with your QR code. A friend of mine has created a card that is the same shape as a QR code. The entire back side of his card displays his QR code!
  12. QR codes do not need to always point to your web address. Here is one pointing to our phone number. ( If you read it with a good app, it will directly initiate a call to our number.)

Important Note :

The Google Search App on my iphone4 could not read this QR code. My QRS+ scanner app did read this and immediately called the number.

Some QRCode readers :

BeeTagg ( if you are reading this on your smartphone, get it here. )

Free QR code generator : This site has QR codes that can redirect users appropriately to the right app for their device.


And one more thing before you go! Take a look at this article on mashable regarding people who never read this article.

And for those who don’t listen to me, you end up here in stupid QR code museum!

This post by Deep Janardhanan, CMO at Noble River Marketing.