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Certificate of Appreciation

This past weekend, my daughter attended one of her friend’s birthday party… They had lots to eat and lots to drink and played a lot of games just like any other 8 year old’s party she has attended in the past. It was great fun and she did great at darts. It was quite the same until the end.

Before she left, the birthday girl gave her a goody bag full of sweet treats. Plus, she  awarded my daughter with a “Certificate Of Appreciation” for doing great at darts! It was a paper printed in a certificate format with a picture of the beaming birthday girl. It was a very good keepsake and souvenir of the event.

Lets talk about your business!

Do you send Certificates Of Appreciation to your customers?  

How often do you appreciate the customers that choose to spend their money with you? Do you take the time to thank your customers? Do you tell them that their business means a lot to you?  Do you send them little thank you gifts in the mail?

Or do you just send freebies and other gifts to your prospects while completely ignoring existing customers?  

Do you consider retaining customers as a priority or are you only concerned with adding more people to your list?

Its been said many times before, but its worth mentioning again.

Its about 8 times more expensive to find a new customer than to get repeat business from an existing customer.

Its rather inexpensive to send a note in the mail to all your good customers. May be you could even add a discount offer in the letter.  Your customer will definitely appreciate you doing this.

Appreciating your customer properly has the highest ROI of any other marketing tool in your toolkit.  Try it and see your business explode.

Happy marketing,

Yours in greater profits everyday,