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Cadbury ad for Kabali

Marketing Lessons from Kabali The Superstar

India has been undergoing a major Kabali assault since a week before the release date of Kabali ( Superstar Rajinikanth’s latest movie). The marketers seem to have done all the right things to get the movie publicized. All the proper boxes have been checked; the ‘i’s dotted and t’s crossed.  If the public engagement is any indication, this movie will have a great opening collection run at the box office.
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Importance of Consistency in Marketing

Here comes a question often asked. How often should I blog? How often should I tweet? How often should I post on Facebook?

Now the most often often answer to this is : daily. They say you should blog on a daily basis. You should tweet 2 or 3 times a day. You should engage your customers on Facebook regularly.

But anyone trying to grow a small business knows this is extremely difficult if not impossible! What with a thousand different things that need your attention you are often working way into the evening just to get to everything that needs doing.

So how do you blog everyday? How do you tweet 3 times a day? How do you engage customers regularly?

There are two possible ways you could tackle this requirement.
1) Use appropriate “set it and forget it” tools.
2) Engage your customers regularly but on a lesser frequency.

This article is about convenience and consistency. Far more important than blogging on a daily basis is that you need to be consistent. You need to set an expectation with your customers; then meet that.

Whether you find the time to blog once a day or once a week, or even once a month, you need let your subscribers know it; then stick to it. This way your customers feel comfortable with you. And as anyone in business knows, making your customer comfortable with you is half the sale.

Its ok for you to blog/tweet/post between your regular events, but these should be mentioned as such.

But what happens with most businesses starting out in social media marketing is completely different. They start out strong by posting almost daily for a few days or weeks. By then the novelty wears off; and the frequency of posting suffers.

The customer is left wondering; and then frustrated. He goes elsewhere to whoever makes him feel comfortable; even if it is someone who posts less frequently.

And that is why it is better for you to do it consistently; even if you do it less.

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