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This article has information regarding the common markup language that is used to give special meanings to different parts of your content.

For example, – Markup Language Every Marketer Must Know

Google, Bing and Yahoo(duh!) finally get together and create a markup language for search engines. It is something thats been long overdue. Let’s discuss why its so important to the small business owner to take note.

  Google announced on Friday[ June 3 2011] that all 3 search engines were working together to make it easy for webmasters to classify the information on their pages.

What the information on does is to provide a clear easy way for search engines to understand (and more importantly;) categorize your information so that it can be shown correctly.

To see a full list of <a title=” classifications” href=”” target=”_blank”> classifications</a>, go here.

Even if this makes no sense to you, you need to know of the availabilty of such classification so that the you can ask your programmer to make proper use of these tags!

Remember, the faster you move on this one, the better your results.

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If you are starting work on your site and have this incorporated, or if you have a pre-existing site, and wonder how you could backfit this into your site for better search engine results, contact us at <a title=”Noble River Marketing” href=”” target=”_blank”></a>

Google Analytics Visits- A 5 minute primer

Google Analytics is a free tool available to webmasters everywhere who want to improve their web traffic stats. It helps you understand your traffic sources and user behavior. It thereby helps you increase your traffic by focussing more on what is working and reducing effort on what is not.

This article will deal with the visits tab of Google Analytics.

Unique Visits: How many people came to the website for the very first time. This shows the efficiency of any new marketing programs you have going on. When comparing over the previous periods, you can see if your new program is more effective or the previous ones.

Pageviews : How many pages in all during this period. The average pageviews is important as it shows how many pages did each user visit. If the user leaves from the same page as he visited, the bounce rate is bound to be high. This might mean that your content is not compelling enough. You might say that the user found what he was looking for and he left. This may be true if your site offers a specific solution to a specific problem(such as some coding solution sites). If the user likes the content on the entry page, he or she is bound to look for more interesting stuff in other pages. You might want to do something that will keep the user a while on your site.

While on this tab, also take a look at the browser profiles link under Visitor Segmentation. This is accessible by clicking browsers link. If you see that your users are coming from any one particular browser, you can format your content to look better in at least that one browser. For me Firefox pips Internet Explorer by 15%. Who would’ve thought?

Couple of other important points to note: Click the Flash link to see what version of Flash is installed on these browsers. Very important if you want users to see the funky flash display you have on your home page.
Screen resolutions link in Browser Profile: For me most of my users seem to be using 1200X800 resolution. The next highest is 1024×768. That means, I need to set my monitor to these resolutions before I put content out there. IF I don’t, things I see on my screen without scrolling may actually not show up on the users’ screen(unless he scrolls). Its very easy to change your resolutions setting if you are using Firefox or IE. I’ll show you how in one of the following posts.

For now, take a look at your Google Analytics account and make a note of the values above.

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