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Building an Email List for #GreaterProfits

Building a Colossal Email List for Beginner Marketers

Getting started with Email List Building

Email Marketing still remains one of the most cost-effective ways of growing your business. This is because in spite of all other means of communication and various channels now available, most of us are still using emails – and they are the cheapest to send out and consume. And as long as our emails escape the spam filter, these are being read.

But before you have a successful email marketing campaign, you need to build an email list. A targeted, laser focused list is truly worth its weight in gold. So how do we go about building an email list? ¬†Listed below are a few of the options available to a start up marketer…
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How do I find new customers to market to?

We have routine visits with our clients where we update them with what was accomplished in the previous period and what we have coming in the next. We also try to answer any questions the client has about the market, his marketing assets and their performance or planning the next strategic move.

In this context, one of the questions he asked was one of the very basic ones in marketing. Where do I find new customers to send my messages to?

Though this can be a very easy question to answer, or a tough one depending on what exactly your customer is looking for, the answer is all around you.

Just because the web has become a nice tool to market, the old ways of marketing are still going strong. Do not forget the trusty old newspaper ad, the magazine ( at least in my hometown we have scores of them) offering ad spots at very decent prices.

Then there are the collaborative mailers such as VALPAK. A few of my clients are regulars in such mailings. The returns may not be as great as some other media, but the cost for mailing is also negligible.

The lesson is this: Dont forget the old and the useful just because the shiny new thing has caught your eye!

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