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Silly Password Rules Make A Mockery Of Online Security

Password rules from Apple iTunes

Password rules from Apple iTunes

Have you noticed a major change on the Net lately? Everything we used to read for free has disappeared behind gates. Nothing is accessible any more, unless – we create an account!

And that account comes with a username, an email address and a password.  Often times, we end up creating another new password just to cater to the ridiculous password requirements of each new site.

As we have more and more online accounts, here is a problem that companies are failing to understand and solve for customers. The difficulty of maintaining passwords for different accounts is something that cannot be understated.  Continue reading

15 Small Business Tips To Beat the Big Store Competition

Small Business Mom & Pop Stores are being increasingly pushed out by the big box stores. There is stiff  competition for the same customers – and more often than not, it’s the small business that loses out. After putting up a fight, many such small businesses eventually shut shop – unable to fight the big store. But small businesses can and should fight back and reclaim their business. Given below are 15 tips that small businesses can use to fight back. 



How Small Business can Beat Big

Continue reading

Better Customer Service In 10 Easy Steps

If you are like most successful businesspeople, you are obsessed with bettering your customer service. You are finding new ways of improving your customers’ experience every chance you get. You may even be losing sleep worrying about how to go about doing it.

But there are a few simple ways to improve customer experience at your business.

1) Make them feel good at every touch. For example, have a batch of freshly baked cookies at the store. Encourage your customers to take some. Offer to carry items out to the car. Most will say ‘No Thanks!’ but will feel great that you offered. There are many creative ways to do this cost-effectively.
2) Require your employees to smile and talk to every customer. I don’t mean just asking “How’re you doing?”. Train them to strike up a conversation about what brought them to the store. The more involved your employees are, the better your service gets.
3)If you must increase prices, be upfront about it. Most customers will appreciate your honesty.
4) Say “Thank you; we appreciate your business.”
5) Empower your employees to make decisions in favor of the customer. Nobody likes a hassle where a few dollars are concerned. Remember, thats why Walmart is the world’s biggest retailer. Everyone knows its easy to return anything bought at the store. So they buy without fear.
6) Own up to your mistakes. We all make them. Apologize. Ask for a chance to rectify them.
7) Make it up to them for coming back to you; then staying with you.
8 ) Say “Thanks for coming back.” Realize that every time your customer returns to you is another chance you’ve been given to provide excellent customer service.
9) Learn what your customer wants. Ask him!
10) Then provide that, and more!

Bonus Tip:
Set expectations! Let your customer know what to expect and stick to it.

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