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How to use Authority to sell More

Summary : This article will try to explain the use of Authority in your sales page,  one of the lost nuggets of marketing wisdom; or marketing psychology if you will. Authority differentiates you from all the others in your corner of the crowded market place. With authority, you tower above the others.

People like to listen to people – rather than think for themselves. If this person they are listening to exudes a sense of authority, they feel better. Most people automatically listen to someone with power and charisma and seemingly knowledge of the subject without much deliberation. Continue reading

#1 Trait of Successful Sales Letters

You may be familiar with many kinds of sales letters. You may also be writing sales letters in different kinds of media.  Whether you write on paper, stamp it and post it;  write on a web page, compile it and upload it or you write a compelling  email and send it out  via your email service provider; all these letters must have at least one common thing for it to be successful.

The one aspect of every successful sales letter is that it has to get the reader to agree with you!

No matter how powerful your headline, how hard hitting your text and how enticing your P.S., if the reader does not see eye to eye with you on at least part of the letter, its destined for the trash heap, or gets pushed to the history section of a browser or gets packed off to the Deleted Folder.

And guess what? The sooner you get the reader to agree with you, the better. And the more vehement the agreement, the more successful your letter proves to be.

That means, if possible, you need to get the reader to agree with you starting with the first page of the letter. They say that the job of the headline is to hook the reader into reading the next paragraph. How about saying something in the headline that the user agrees to? He/she is guaranteed to read on!

Take the converse of this. Imagine you come up to a page that is offering something that you might possibly buy. But the seller states a point that you know is totally bogus. What happens?

You browse out of there in disgust.

And you go looking for someone who has more sense! That’s what!

So, next time you sit down to write a sales letter, remember this. Start with a paragraph that has your user nodding his head in agreement. Half your battle is won!

Happy Marketing ( and Copywriting)!

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