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25 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Good For Greater Profits

Content Marketing For Greater Profits

Content Marketing For Greater Profits

Content Marketing has become one of the most important ways to find business online. There are a lot of benefits from a properly done Content Marketing Campaign. There are also multiple ways, benefits and channels of running a Content Marketing Campaign. If you are still among those that are still unsure of whether to start content marketing, read on. Here we list out a few of the benefits of content marketing…


Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving a specific customer action. – Content Marketing Institute

Benefits Of Content Marketing

  • Brand Awareness: You get your name out on the Net by providing good content.
  • Free stuff is liked by people, hence they read and download your material. The more they download, the more their hunger for more material.
  • Content in the form of e-books get shared by readers over email or other means.
  • You get brand ambassadors/evangelists for your brand through content marketing.
  • You can establish yourselves as a thought leader.
  • You establish trust in yourselves and your product.
  • Brand Promotion: Your brand name gets promoted wherever your content is present.
  • Brand Visibility: Your content does the job a billboard does in the offline world.
  • Presell your audience: You can pre-sell your audience with your content. When they encounter your products, they are already convinced about the quality you provide.
  • You can establish proof of domain expertise via your content
  • You become a Social Authority which leads to far greater sales ( and far Greater Profits).
  • You can establish a relationship with your market.
  • You can create more engagement with your market.
  • You can target your customer with the right content for his stage of awareness.
  • You can create customized content to meet the needs of your niche market.
  • You can engage with customers at their choice of devices with content marketing.
  • You can create inbound traffic to your website.
  • You can generate more leads for your business.
  • Since Content Marketing sends out your name into the world, it brings in unexpected customers too, often from outside your target market.
  • You can increase sales by narrowly targeting focused markets with your content.
  • Your website can rank higher on the SERPs due to high amount of incoming links from your syndicated content.
  • You can provide advance notice of future products or services via your content.
  • You can charge more in comparison to your competition as your Social Authority improves.
  • You can create mutually complimentary relationships with other businesses.
  • Your content can also interest investors in your business.
  • By testing your content closely, you can make changes quickly and learn more about your customers needs.
  • In some cases, content marketing raises employee morale – as they blog and their name is attached to the content. These employees then forward the piece to their friends and your business gets more awareness.
  • Content Marketing can be used a tool for customer experience improvement.
  • Content Marketing can also be an educational tool.
  • Content Marketing can be repurposed and reused.
  • Content marketing is much cheaper than other forms of Traditional Marketing.


These were just some of the major benefits of using a content marketing approach to growing your business. Once you start doing it the right way, it becomes easier as it goes along. And the benefits do become evident very quickly in terms of more leads, more conversions and #GreaterProfits .
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About the Author:
Deep Janardhanan is the Founder and Principal Consultant at XMPLAR Consulting Group (, a small consultancy firm focussed on providing Marketing & Software solutions based in Mumbai, India.
Deep has been creating content for his own companies and clients since 2009. XMPLAR provides full scale Content Marketing Services to its clients; among other Marketing Services.