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Setting up Your Ecommerce Business From Scratch


This session was conducted on May 31 2015.  The slides here were used for the live session.

We talked about action points for taking your Idea to an active ecommerce business.

Points discussed : Idea Validation(offline & online), Product Creation, ECommerce Website setup, Payment Gateways, Launch, Marketing Your Site.

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Words of wisdom from my mentor Jay Abraham

These words of wisdom have been passed on to Jay by his mentor many years ago.

Your goal, responsibility, obligation and primary purpose in business is to carefully examine, fully understand, appreciate thoroughly, empathize respectfully, and acknowledge meaningfully how the other side sees the situation. This applies not only to prospects and buyers — It applies to your team members, vendors, competitors, and the marketplace, community world in general.

 I hope you can adequately analyze, aptly internalize and usefully adopt it in your own business for greater success, more loyalty and greater profits.

Want to learn more about Jay?  He is at

Towards greater profits everyday,

Deep J.

Building an Email List for #GreaterProfits

Building a Colossal Email List for Beginner Marketers

Getting started with Email List Building

Email Marketing still remains one of the most cost-effective ways of growing your business. This is because in spite of all other means of communication and various channels now available, most of us are still using emails – and they are the cheapest to send out and consume. And as long as our emails escape the spam filter, these are being read.

But before you have a successful email marketing campaign, you need to build an email list. A targeted, laser focused list is truly worth its weight in gold. So how do we go about building an email list?  Listed below are a few of the options available to a start up marketer…
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Where will you be in 2016?


Happy New Year 2015 to you!

Greater Profits Media Happy New Year

Its a brand new year – and we have brand new hopes and aspirations. We also have brand new goals for our careers and our businesses this year.

I wish you the  Almighty’s blessings – and every luck in your endeavors !

As the old saying goes, God helps those who help themselves.

The only question is ‘Are you willing to help yourselves?’

Are you willing to do what it takes to really grow your business?

Are you capable of overcoming the fear that is holding you back?

Or the lack of knowledge?

Or the apparent lack of time?

Tweet: Where there is a will, there is a way - to generate #GreaterProfits from your business.Where there is a will, there is a way.

Cliched?  —— You bet.

But very much true.

I want you to realize that – No matter what your hurdle, there is always a way! All your hurdles can be overcome – with the right kind of knowledge and the right kind of advice ; at the right time.

Let me get to the crux of this message.

Here is what  I want to impress upon you ! With the right tools and the right knowledge, there is nothing that you cannot do in business.

You just have to have faith in yourselves !

If you do, all your problems can be solved.

And the willingness to work your butt off!

It may take resources that you don’t know where to get from; but rest assured, when you face the problem, you will also find the solution.

You must remember that only those who got started – ever finished as successful business-people.  Those that got scared before they started, stayed scared lifelong.

So let me ask you this question! Where will you be in 2016?

Will you be successful businessmen earning tons of money from your business ?


Will you still be sitting scared because you foresee so many potential problems?

You may want to get started along the path of entrepreneurship. Or you may already have a business; but not happy with your growth.

Either way, Come and Join us. Whatever you situation or problem, we can together find a solution!


I’ve put together a  like-minded group of entrepreneurs seeking to share and learn from each other and growing our businesses along the way.

And it’s Free!

We realized that the more we try to help others with their business, the more we grow. The more we are willing to share, the more help we receive.

And there is no better place to share and to receive than our Explode Your Business meetup group. Click this link to join and then , come to our next meetup and see for yourselves.

If you are in Mumbai, our next meetup is on January 10 2015 at Candies, Pali Hill, Bandra West at 4.00 pm.

If you are not in Mumbai, there are entrepreneur self-help groups all over the world. Take advantage of them and grow your business.

Hope to see you there,

Deep Janardhanan,

PS. If you know someone who can benefit from what we do, please do the kind thing. Forward this URL to them.

As always, we like to know what you think.Express yourselves in the comments below.

12 Things to Do On Christmas Day for #GreaterProfits Christmas Day
Hello Dear Entrepreneur,

First of all, let me wish you a Very Merry Christmas.

May you enjoy the day with gratitude for all the good things in your life – especially, family and friends who have stood by you, and loved you when things may not have been going so well!

I hope you are all enjoying this fabulous day – and spending time with your families.

At the same time, there are a few things I have learnt from the masters and practiced over the past few years – and I wish to share with you. Imbibing some of these ideas are bound to make you more successful and less stressed-out about your daily business life.

Forgive: Today is the day you forgive yourselves for your mistakes of the past year. This is very important for you to move on without any self-doubt of guilt. Learn from your mistakes; but don’t let them weigh you down.

Forget: any embarassing moments or episodes that may have happened in your business or personal life. These things happen – and there isn’t much you can do about them. Laugh at yourselves and move on.

Hug: Hug your family and spend quality time with them. Take them out for a dinner and a movie.

Read: Read some poetry that you enjoy. What you are doing is to let your mind soak in something other than business worries. A different part of your brain is now active compared to the worry zone in your brain.

Solve: Solve a puzzle in the newspaper or online. Again, a different part of your brain becomes active and you will soon be feeling the tingling feeling of freshness come all over you.

Eat: Eat with friends and family. Your emotional brain needs the feeling of peace that comes from sharing a meal with loved ones. Eat your fill.  But not more. After all Christmas day is special. Enjoy the meal and be grateful once more for the sumptuous meal.

Drink: Ok, you know what to do with this one. 🙂

Sleep: Take a nap. Surprise your brain with some quiet time.

Write Your Goals: This is also the time for you to set goals for the next year. Goals have actual milestones – something you will achieve by a set date. Its a “what” and “a by when”. How is to be answered later, not just now.

It’s also important to write your goal down. When you write it down, its not a whim any more. It is something solid and it exists as an entity. Its now part of this world – and you have to seriously work towards making it come true.

Share: Its not just necessary – but also a good feeling to be charitable. Share what you have in abundance with others who have less. What goes around does always come around. That is an universal law.

Pray: If you are the church going type, then set some time aside for that; if you are not, just find time to kneel and be humble and grateful!

Reward: While buying gifts for others, do not forget to buy something for yourselves. You must reward yourselves for all the hard work this year. And resolve to work harder the coming year…

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About the Author:

Deep Janardhanan is the Founder and Principal Consultant at XMPLAR Consulting Group (, a small consultancy firm focussed on providing Marketing & Software solutions based in Mumbai, India.

XMPLAR has been developing Business Software, Marketing Campaigns as well as executing other value added projects for his clients since 2009. XMPLAR also provides full scale Content Marketing Services to its clients; among other Business Growth Services.