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Cadbury ad for Kabali

Marketing Lessons from Kabali The Superstar

India has been undergoing a major Kabali assault since a week before the release date of Kabali ( Superstar Rajinikanth’s latest movie). The marketers seem to have done all the right things to get the movie publicized. All the proper boxes have been checked; the ‘i’s dotted and t’s crossed.  If the public engagement is any indication, this movie will have a great opening collection run at the box office.
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How to increase sales by upto 800% – with a Contiguous Branding Experience.

In the first article on branding, we talked about why its necessary for an entrepreneur to think of branding even before his very first sale.

We talked about branding being important for the business to not to confuse the customer and to make sure that you are not having to create trust anew every single time. Once the customer has bought from you, and the experience has been good, the trust is already created. The business now only has to maintain and carry forward that trust and use it to sell more easily – and here is where the brand contiguity comes in.

A consistent user experience  needs to be created within the same session or across multiple interactions and across multiple properties – digital and offline with the company. Continue reading