Building an Email List for #GreaterProfits

Building a Colossal Email List for Beginner Marketers

Getting started with Email List Building

Email Marketing still remains one of the most cost-effective ways of growing your business. This is because in spite of all other means of communication and various channels now available, most of us are still using emails – and they are the cheapest to send out and consume. And as long as our emails escape the spam filter, these are being read.

But before you have a successful email marketing campaign, you need to build an email list. A targeted, laser focused list is truly worth its weight in gold. So how do we go about building an email list? ¬†Listed below are a few of the options available to a start up marketer…

1) Offer an Incentive.

This is #1 in our list and it should be #1 on your list of things to do. Create or acquire something to give away. Just make sure that it has true value attached to it. It should be something that saves people time or money or gives them something like new information on how to achieve something.

2) Ask them to sign up personally.

Ask your friends to sign up to your subscription list. Your personal request has a very high chance of being heeded. Why not do it right away? The more people you have on your list, the faster your list grows. Fact!

3) Use joint venture partners’ lists.

Talk to others in your industry and arrange with them to cross promote your material on their lists. This is how most of the great marketers have built their lists. You can work with people who are in complementary businesses such as health and beauty, or health and wealth, business and writing etc. It can even be competitors.

4) Have subscribe links in emails.

Add a ‘Subscribe here’ CTA to all your emails. Make sure you explain why you are asking people to subscribe. When they get to the subscription page, make sure the content here is what they expect.

5) Encourage subscribers to forward to friends.

You should encourage your email-readers to forward to their friends. This is a very cost-effective way to add to your list. If your subscribers like your content, they would definitely forward to their list and it can even become a little bit viral.

6) Lightbox Popup on Site

Use a lightbox popup on your site that can collect emails for you. There are studies out there as to what is the best time to show the popup. No matter what it is, its better for each one to do his own testing.

7) Sticky floating footerbar

Another option is to display the sticky footerbar on your site pages. This bar stays on all the time so that users don’t have to search for the subscribe button. You may be amazed at the number of times I had to go hunting for the subscription menu link on
some websites.

8) SlideIns or Slideups:

Another way to bring attention to the option of subscription available. Occasionally people who are reading an article would like to pause reading and continue another time. Any option to make it easy would be helpful to the user.

9) Having great content.

This is the cornerstone on which your content marketing depends. Have great Content! Period. Provide value with whatever you do. When you provide value, you receive value in return.

10) Have links to your subscribe page on other channels.

The subscribe page is usually on your blog or other primary website.Along with this primary presence, you need a secondary presence on mulitple channels. No matter where your data is present, you need to drive users to subscribe at your primary location.

11) Drive viewers from YouTube and Slideshare to your subscribe page.

Youtube videos and Slideshare decks have a great attraction for users who prefer video or bullet points to long text.
Having your link is such places will also add to your subsription.

12) Provide freebies only for subscribers.

As mentioned in Point 1, there needs to be a freebie, or ethical bribe or lead magnet to increase your subscription. This provides Instant gratification and people are granted something immediately for signing up with you.

13) Loss leaders

There have been records of great marketers building their list with loss leaders. Loss leaders are products sold at a loss to identify target customers and get them to engage. This works on the basis that the business can recoup the money lost on the first instance by selling the same people bigger and more profitable products.

14) Cold Calling

This is another way to add people to your list. Now that digital marketing is holding sway in the minds of people, anyone who goes against the flow gets noticed – and gets results.


These are just few of the tactics available to marketers to build a gigantic email list. Marketers need to use this as just a framework and expand on this list. Any amount of permutations and combinations can be used to get in front of your audience. Also, please comment on what your favorite list building exercise is.

If you have any questions about any of the above, comment down below.

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    Thank you Diksha. Please let me know how it works for you…

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