How to use Authority to sell More

Summary : This article will try to explain the use of Authority in your sales page,  one of the lost nuggets of marketing wisdom; or marketing psychology if you will. Authority differentiates you from all the others in your corner of the crowded market place. With authority, you tower above the others.

People like to listen to people – rather than think for themselves. If this person they are listening to exudes a sense of authority, they feel better. Most people automatically listen to someone with power and charisma and seemingly knowledge of the subject without much deliberation.

There have been experiments conducted where people (seemingly) inflict serious injuries to others without a second thought just because a person in authority asked them to.

Authority is the ability to coerce, force or influence people by merely taking a stand, or asking people to do a certain thing!

Why do people listen to someone in authority?

Its probably because they feel helped along. You are not forced to make any choices!

Maybe its because they are confused due to the multiple options – none of which they are sure about.
These options may have unknown outcomes, which may even be detrimental. And guess what, when they are detrimental, we don’t want to be the cause of that!

On the other hand, when someone in authority tells us to do something, and there is a negative outcome, we can always blame someone else for the outcome !!!
What does this mean to us ? As business owners?

This means, if we attain that position of authority, or we use someone that displays authority, to show people the way to buying from us, our selling job is made much easier.

Please note that I said “displays authority”!

It does not have to be someone who necessarily has attained that authority by way of office or power or other influence. It only has to appear that he has a certain authority.

So, if along with the rest of the selling tips on this site, you also add the power of authority to your sales letter, chances are people will follow you along! The doubts that they may have been harboring are now removed,  a new trust relationship is formed between you and your customer as they have been directed by a person in authority.

But, how do we achieve this authority?

There are multiple ways you can achieve authority, and then display that authority.

Use an authoritative figure, or use someone widely recognized as having authority:

Think back to any ad that you see on TV for either a healthcare product or a safety product. Even a toothpaste is being sold by someone wearing a white lab coat.

How about handwash? A person who is obviously a doctor ( or apparently obvious) tells you that his brand kills 99% of germs.

Talk about Horlicks or Boost or Bournvita – we get the same health care professional looking man/woman telling us that this product ups the body’s intake of vitamins by 200% !

Another form of authority would be sportspeople who we know have achieved great physical feats- or show lots of endurance in their daily activities. For eg. Cricketers selling health foods, Film actresses selling beauty products etc.

 Someone already having accepted authority must confirm your knowledge or expertise.
This is where we use testimonials in our sales copy.  Either someone who is an acknowledged expert, or someone like the reader who has attained great results from using your product would do.

Others must link to your page.
This is another form of authority. When your readers arrive at your page from another web site they already admire/respect, this admiration is passed on to the destination page via the link.

What other people say about you is more important than what you say about yourself.
This means you can write a long and descriptive bio on your own web page, but it needs to be corroborated by others (who are not directly related to your business).

Certifications and other institutional accolades:
Many experts have PhDs, certificates and other trophies that well known institutions confer upon them to use as authority status.

You are called on the media for your expertise.
Imagine you make friends with the local newspaper reporter, who calls on you for your quotes on various topics of your interest. You automatically become an authority in the eyes of your audience.

Authority – or a person who has authority may mean different things in different contexts…

Imagine on TV, a mechanic in oil-stained overalls pulls be he pulls out from under the car he has been repairing and tells you that a certain product  is very effective for making you smarter. Would you believe him?

On the other hand, if this same person will tell us that a certain product removes stains, and we will agree with him right away!

Every situation has its own authority figure that makes sense for that particular situation.

This article thus explains the use of an authority figure, or become one ourselves in order to better our sales numbers.

Thank you for reading.

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