Cadbury ad for Kabali

Marketing Lessons from Kabali The Superstar

India has been undergoing a major Kabali assault since a week before the release date of Kabali ( Superstar Rajinikanth’s latest movie). The marketers seem to have done all the right things to get the movie publicized. All the proper boxes have been checked; the ‘i’s dotted and t’s crossed.  If the public engagement is any indication, this movie will have a great opening collection run at the box office.
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Step by Step Digital Marketing – the Easy Way

We are embarking on an exciting journey this week. Starting this week, we will publish articles for the newbie entrepreneur that will help you get started with your marketing. This article will take you on a step by step digital marketing journey from newbie to expert profit maker.

So whether you are selling umbrellas on or chimichangas from your mom’s basement on your website or you are selling a digital product or some other service, this set of articles will be just what the doctor ordered.

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Blindly choosing business model

Choosing an Ecommerce Business Model

We listed out the various Business Models in the previous post. Today we talk about how to choose which is a good Ecommerce Business Model for you…

For the most part, people go into businesses like the image below, with their eyes shut tight.  As a result, the rate of success in startups is abysmal – as low as 5%.Blindly Choosing A business model


Here are a few aspects of  various Ecommerce business models that you need to consider.
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Ecommerce Business Models - Greater Profits

Lets talk Ecommerce Business Models

Starting today, I am planning a series on Ecommerce.  This has come out of my interaction with scores of entrepreneurs who come to our training events in  Mumbai.  We will go through various basic subjects as well as subjects that are quite abstract and only known to people who have a few years experience in Ecommerce.  Our first post today is about Ecommerce Business Models. Let’s dive right in!

Ecommerce Business ModelsThere are basically 4 different models that are universally acknowledged.

B2B – Business to Business ( you create a website that sells to businesses)

B2C – Business To Consumer( a website that sells to end users.)

C2B – Consumerto Business ( a website that aggregates other services for the use of the Consumer)

C2C – Consumer to Consumer ( a website that allows peer to peer business such as OLX, Quikr)


Some also consider these formats as business models:

G2B – Government to Business

G2C – Government to Citizen

B2G – Business to Government

When you have started off setting up your business on these models, you can always consider a mix of models. So if you are already selling to Business or Government, you must consider selling to consumers at a different level.

Or when you are selling to the end user, you must always keep the option open of selling to Businesses and Government.


Coming Soon: How to choose a business model ?


Author Bio:

Deep Janardhanan is the founder and CEO at International School of Success – a startup training and advisory firm set up in Mumbai, India. He has vast experience of creating and managing startup companies as well as projects for multi-nationals. His one day classes for entrepreneurs are a hit with startup founders who want to get going in a hurry – while minimizing risk of loss and failure.Want to start doing SEO for your website? Go to Deep’s website at and download the Basic Search Engine Optimization e-book for Free!

How to Buy Domains From A Third Party Domain Owner

One of the first things that we do when we consider a new business is to book a domain.

Unfortunately, after billions of domains have been purchased over the years, its not very easy for anyone to get a domain name that easily fits in to your requirements. Most common names have already been registered and have been used.

So what should you do if the domain name of your preference has already been booked. This article by Morgan Linton gives you a good idea of how to acquire such domains.

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In short,

1) identify the domain owner.

2) Find out if it is for sale.

3) Determine a price

4)Reach out to the domain owner.

Be prepared to be asked completely ridiculous (according to you) prices. This article goes into great detail how to tackle various issues that come up when you try to buy a domain.


Hope this helps.

Towards Greater Profits Every Day,

Deep Janardhanan

Director, International School Of Success 

Silly Password Rules Make A Mockery Of Online Security

Password rules from Apple iTunes

Password rules from Apple iTunes

Have you noticed a major change on the Net lately? Everything we used to read for free has disappeared behind gates. Nothing is accessible any more, unless – we create an account!

And that account comes with a username, an email address and a password.  Often times, we end up creating another new password just to cater to the ridiculous password requirements of each new site.

As we have more and more online accounts, here is a problem that companies are failing to understand and solve for customers. The difficulty of maintaining passwords for different accounts is something that cannot be understated.  Continue reading

Setting up Your Ecommerce Business From Scratch


This session was conducted on May 31 2015.  The slides here were used for the live session.

We talked about action points for taking your Idea to an active ecommerce business.

Points discussed : Idea Validation(offline & online), Product Creation, ECommerce Website setup, Payment Gateways, Launch, Marketing Your Site.

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